The Messenger 12th April 2024

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Youth Ministry

Call for Volunteers

As youth ministry coordinator I have a mission to support the journey of faith of our young people from Year 6 to age 25—and I need your help (yes, you). It would be madness for this task to fall to a single person, or even to a small group of people; this is something for everyone in the parish to be involved in. I believe that as volunteers you should enjoy what you’re doing, and be committed to do no more than you have time and energy for. We need big teams of people who are happy to be called on for particular tasks, so that no one person finds themselves doing more than they feel comfortable with. Even if your circumstances mean you can’t help out right now, let me know you’re interested and I’ll keep you in the loop—with no pressure to volunteer until you’re ready. Please see below team options.

Tom Saddington 07781 129310