The Messenger 21st January 2022

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This Christmas we celebrate and give thanks for all the dedication, guidance and care our priests give us throughout our Diocese and in each parish. If you would like to make a personal Christmas gift to our Priests, Fr Christopher, Fr Gaston and Fr Inna, here in Guernsey, please click here to make a donation to them online.

Please continue generously supporting the work of your parish. Donations can be made to their Parish as follows:

  • You can make a donation online on this page (see below).
  • A standing order form can be downloaded from this page or collected from the church porches or the parish office.

    Standing order form

  • You can make a bank transfer using these details:
    Account name: PRCDTR Guernsey
    Sorting code: 30 93 04
    Account number: 00879070
    Reference: offertory
  • Post a cheque through the parish office door.
    Payee: PRCDTR Guernsey. Mark on reverse “Offertory”