The Messenger 24th May 2024

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The aim of this ministry is to offer a friendly welcome to everyone attending each weekend Mass, so that regular worshippers and visitors alike can feel that they are part of a cheerful and caring congregation.

The welcomers greet people as they come in to church, and they also hand out copies of The Link and any hymnbooks or music sheets which will be needed during Mass.

At 10.30 Mass at St Joseph’s the welcoming team also helps by taking the collections and communion ushering.

If you can smile and hand out a hymnbook, why not think about joining us!

St. Joseph’s rota

If you would like to know more about welcoming at 10.30 Mass at St. Joseph’s please contact Frank and Margaret Cusack, tel. 254904
On welcoming at all other Masses, please contact the Parish Office, tel. 720196