The Messenger 2nd June 2023

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Music Ministry

St Joseph’s Schola

Our Mission

  • Enhance the Liturgy with Sacred Song
  • Make an offering of Music to God
  • Restore dignity to the Liturgy
  • Work at improving an enjoyable skill
  • Show loyalty the call within Holy Mother Church for the renewal of the Liturgy
  • Promote the singing of Gregorian Chant and Polyphony
  • Promote the language of the Church – Latin

We are a group of friendly and purposeful people singing a variety of music from the tradition of Catholicism, from the late Roman Empire to Schubert, from the Victorians to the chants of Taize.  Rehearsals take place on Tuesday’s in St Joseph’s between 7:00 and 8:00pm.  We do not rehearse every week, so commitment is only necessary for the certain practices prior to Church Festivals.

We are looking to recruit new members from the Parish, in all voice ranges, male and female.An ability to read music is not essential, but a loyalty to our mission is.

Director of Music & Organist: Luke O’Donnell, tel. 07781 122199 /