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Befrienders Group

Befrienders Group

There are many people in our parish who are no longer able to take an active part in parish life, come to Mass etc. Many of them are elderly, some disabled. The Befrienders Group was set up to ensure that, as a parish, we maintain contact with parishioners who are now housebound. Very often, they have made valuable contributions to parish life in the past and it is important that their continued contribution as prayerful members of our community is supported.

We aim to do this in a variety of ways:-

  • Keeping the parish list of housebound up to date for the use of clergy and Eucharistic Ministers
  • Visiting people at home
  • Sending cards at Christmas and Easter
  • Arranging social gatherings

If you would like to help, enjoy meeting people and have an hour or two to spare, please contact:

Meg White – Tel: 252401

Angela Le Page – Tel: 723915