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Le Platon Residential Home

Le Platon Residential Home

The Residential Home known as Le Platon is a Trust established by Miss Marey Magdalene Renouf, MBE, in 1927. It is a charitable institution registered in Guernsey and with the UK Charity Commission. It is a “not for profit” organisation which is reliant on fees received from residents, the States Long Term Care Benefit scheme, and income from car parking.

Le Platon is home to twenty-five elderly residents and no distinction is made as to their religious background. Many of them are accommodated in en-suite rooms with a dining room and lounges available. An activities organiser provides a range of stimulating activities and visiting musicians call regularly to entertain. The chapel is always open and services are held frequently for anyone wishing to attend.

A Committee of Trustees, all of whom are parishioners, are responsible for the long-term management of the Home and its finances.

The Home is managed by a team comprising the Care Manager, Reverend Mother and the Secretary. The Secretary looks after the day-to-day administration and financial management of the Home. They are supported by staff which includes Sisters, carers, housekeeping, catering and maintenance staff. They are all encouraged to undertake further training and obtain relevant qualifications.

In recent years staffing has been increased to meet improving standards required by Health and Social Services Inspectorate. These increased staffing costs combined with ongoing maintenance costs are having an effect on available funds. In addition the poor state of the roof made it necessary for the whole roof and upper floor to be completely rebuilt. This has resulted in a depletion of the reserves built up over many years. Therefore the Trustees are seeking your assistance in raising additional funds to carry forward the work of the Home.

Donations and/or legacies are very infrequent and the Trustees respectfully put forward these suggestions for your consideration.

However please be assured that all our residents will continue to receive the very best of care in what is now their home and the Sisters, staff and Trustees are dedicated to their well-being.

Contact details: Telephone – (01481) 722461 (Secretary)