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St Mary & St Michael Primary School

Mission Statement

We seek a Christ centred community where all individuals are valued and co-operate to realise each persons fullest potential. It will be united in Christ through prayer, love, respect for others and support for individuals, families and the wider community.


  • To ensure that the curriculum provides a Catholic Christian setting in which children can grow in understanding, in acquisition of skills, attitudes and values.
  • To exercise Christian care and concern for all pupils, parents and staff.
  • To create an interaction between home, school and parish which supports and prepares children for entry to the wider community.
  • To develop and build upon links with the wider community showing respect for other peoples’ values and beliefs.
  • To make prayer, worship and liturgy personally enriching experiences and to contribute successfully to the development of faith of each individual in the school community.

To enable pupils to:

  • Read a variety of books and other texts with understand and enjoyment.
  • Work with others to investigate, explore and solve problems.
  • Apply mathematical skills and concepts in everyday settings.
  • Obtain information and record findings in a variety of ways.
  • Show an understanding of science and technology through first hand experience.
  • Communicate clearly and confidently with adults and children.
  • Write legibly and accurately for a variety of personal, practical and imaginative purposes.

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Contact Details:

St Mary & St Michael Catholic Primary School
Rue des Monts
St Sampson

Tel: 01481 245 020