The Messenger 12th July 2024

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Notre Dame du Rosaire Primary School

Mission Statement

Notre Dame School aims to help everyone grow in love and service of God and one another. We encourage a deeper understanding and commitment of the faith of the Roman Catholic Church. We believe that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children and that we are called to support them in their God given task. All children in our school are valued and encouraged to achieve wholeness – spirituality, morally, emotionally and academically in a happy and secure Christian environment.


  • Recognise that each person is unique and special
  • Work with our families and our parish to grow in our faith
  • Work together to provide the best possible education for every child.

The school website is at

Contact Details:

Notre Dame Du Rosaire Catholic Primary School
Burnt Lane
St Peter Port

Tel: 01481 222412

Mrs Mary Robertshaw