The Messenger 12th April 2024

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St Joseph & St Mary

The Organ

The fine three manual organ in St Joseph and St Mary Catholic Church, Guernsey, was built by J.W. Walker and Sons Ltd and completed in 1961.  J.W. Walker and Sons Ltd are Pipe Organ builders and tuners by appointment of Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II.   The firm was founded by Joseph William Walker Esq in 1828, in London, England. Following the death of Joseph Walker, the firm was continued by his son, John Walker.  In 1975 the firm was reformed under new management.  Countries boasting Walker Organs include Germany, Ireland, and the United States of America.

Within the restoration of the Church, in the Year of the Lord 1997, the Walker Pipe Organ in St Joseph and St Mary Catholic Church was rebuilt by the South West firm, A.K. Bishop of Wimborne.  While the configuration of the Organ remained the same, both a new transmission system and a multi channel 64 piston selector was installed. See below for the specifcation of this organ.