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June Month of the Sacred Heart

June Month of the Sacred Heart

June is traditionally a month during which communities and individuals are consecrated or renew their consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

During the month of June, litanies of the Sacred Heart are often recited and have been encouraged. Thus, saint John Paul II exhorted the faithful in his general audience in these words:

It is well-known that the month of June is dedicated particularly to the Divine Heart, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We express to it our love and our adoration by means of the litany which in the single invocations speaks with particular depth of its theological contents. (Saint John Paul II, General Audience on Saint Peter’s Square, Wednesday, 20 June 1979)

Family consecration to the Sacred Heart, in which the family, by virtue of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony already participating in the mystery of the unity and love of Christ for the Church, is dedicated to Christ so that he might reign in the hearts of all its members (Aliae concessiones).