The Messenger 24th November 2023

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Sunday 'Emergency' Mass Schedules

Sunday ‘Emergency’ Mass Schedules

Canon Chris will be taking his Annual Retreat from 24th November and returning on 6th December after meeting with his support group. As only Fr Inna will be on Island the following is the schedule.

Mass Times for Sundays 26th November & 3rd December
6:00pm – Vigil Mass (Saturday) – St Joseph’s
8:00am – Sunday Mass – St Joseph’s
10:30am – Sunday Mass – St Joseph’s

The Delancey Music Group accompanied by Andrew Warren will play at the Saturday Vigil Mass.

Please note extra parking provision at Vauvert School will only be available weekend of 2/3 December because of essential works taking place at the school during last weekend of November.

The First Holy Communion classes will be held in St Joseph’s Parish Rooms over these two weekends. Saturday evening at 5:15pm and Sunday morning at 9:45am. Children can attend either session.