The Messenger 24th November 2023

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Bamenda Sunday - 5th Nov

Bamenda Sunday – 5th Nov

This year we celebrate Bamenda Sunday on 5th November, when we give thanks for our link with the Archdiocese of Bamenda in Cameroon and have our annual second collection to raise funds to enable us to give grants to assist the Church in Bamenda with projects in the fields of faith, education and social welfare. Please see this year’s Bamenda News There will be a few “Bamenda News” booklets at the back of the Churches, Guernsey features heavily in the booklet – please take one home or ask the Parish office for a copy. Donations can be made via parish collections or online securely: Please remember in your prayers the five priests from Bamenda serving in the Diocese of Portsmouth: Fr Elijah Fru Nde is Parish Priest of Christ the King & St Colman Bitterne and Hedge End & West End; Fr Emmanuel Rinda is Parish Priest of Corpus Christi & St Joseph’s, Portsmouth; Fr Gaston Forbah Afah is Parish Priest of English Martyrs, Reading; Fr Anthony Chiatu is Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception, Portswood, Southampton; and welcome to Fr Benedict Ndikum, who arrived this year and is serving as Assistant Priest at St Peter and the Winchester Martyrs. We thank them for their ministry to us. Please also pray for the intentions of Archbishop Andrew and our brothers and sisters in Bamenda and for the restoration of peace and justice in Bamenda and the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. Next year, Bishop Philip shall be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Bamenda-Portsmouth Link with a Mass at St John’s Cathedral on Saturday 6th July. We hope that Archbishop Andrew, Fr Bernardine Nsom and a delegation from Bamenda will be joining us to celebrate the anniversary. Please save the date in your diary and join us if you can! Thank you for your support!