The Messenger 22nd September 2023

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CAFOD Big Lent Walk - Final Total: £10,200

CAFOD Big Lent Walk – Final Total: £10,200

‘Laudato Si’- Our parish group is concerned with the ‘Cry of the earth and the cry of the poor’ as mentioned in Pope Francis’ encyclical of 2015. This group set up the CAFOD Big Lent walk to Bamenda earlier this year. They would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you for taking part in the walk, for sponsoring walkers, and praying for the success of the walk. Our prayers and efforts were rewarded with this amazing total which will assist CAFOD’s continuing work helping people overcome poverty, whilst also aiding our Archdiocese of Bamenda, in the Cameroon.

As promised we are giving £5,100 to each deserving cause. Fr Gaston gave a presentation before he left the island giving us an insight into life in Bamenda and explained how water is a precious and scarce resource. Fr Bernardine Nsom, from the Bamenda Committee is moving back to Bamenda to a new parish, St Felix. The Church in this new parish has a primary school with over 600 pupils. Unfortunately, they have no reliable supply of water as the water crisis has become more acute due to the conflict in Bamenda. This water project will not only serve the school, but will also provide water in the church building. A Parish Hall and presbytery once built, will also benefit from this water project. We will share updates as they are received including our website in due course. With many thanks.
Laudato si’ – Our common Home. For we know that things can change.