The Messenger 2nd June 2023

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Priest Holidays - Mass Times

Priest Holidays – Mass Times

Fr Inna will be visiting his homeland 10th/11th June to 8th/9th July. I have been unable to find a supply to cover for this period, so that leaves me to cover the needs of the parish on my own with the help of Deacon Mark. I must make best provision for weekend Masses. A priest is only allowed by Canon Law to celebrate 3 Sunday Masses including the Vigil Mass. So, we need an emergency Mass program. I have received many emails about Mass times and there are as many views as there are parishioners. The Church teaches that we should gather as the community ideally at one Mass on the Lord’s Day. Therefore, it makes absolute sense to use the largest Church building for this period.

So, we will gather in our  Parish Church of St Joseph

6.00pm – Vigil Mass – St Joseph
8.00am – Sunday Mass – St Joseph
10.30am – Sunday Mass – St Joseph

Please remember this is an Emergency Mass time schedule. We as Catholics are bound by Canon Law to assist at Mass every Sunday and by helping each other and offering lifts we still able to fulfil our obligation to attend Mass. (A Communion Service does not fulfil that obligation) We live in challenging times and the lack of priests to serve in our parishes is being felt now. I am sorry if this is a cause of upset for you, but whatever combination of times or venues is not going to suit everyone. So may I ask you to take this opportunity during this period to be generous and to remember it is the Lord who we seek. He calls us to gather on His day and it is He who nourishes us. Please be assured of my prayer for you all. May I humbly ask you to pray for me especially for good health during time.  Canon Chris