The Messenger 2nd June 2023

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The Holy Spirit Prayer Group Events

The Holy Spirit Prayer Group Events

The Holy Spirit Prayer Group meet on Monday 8th May in St Joseph’s Parish Room.

Tea/Coffee from 7:00pm and the prayer group starts at 7:30pm.


The Holy Spirit Prayer Group will be holding a series of Life in the Spirit Seminars, commencing on the 15th May in the St. Magloire Parish room. The first meeting will be an introductory discussion about the Seminars and their content. At our Baptism, we received, through an outpouring of grace, gifts of the Holy Spirit, which were given freely!! This now, is an opportunity for everyone in our community to have those gifts renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit and to allow that same Spirit to help us be more aware of His presence in our lives.

Tea/Coffee will be available from 7:00pm with the Seminar starting at 7:30pm and ending at 8:30pm. If you would like further information about the Seminars  please contact Frank on 07781108394. All of you will be made most welcome!