The Messenger 2nd June 2023

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Adopt Six Holy Habits

Adopt Six Holy Habits

Bishop Philip Egan has asked every member of the Diocese to adopt six holy habits.

1. To keep Sunday special, as a family day, by attending Mass, the ‘source and summit’ of the Christian life, supporting your parish community.

2. To resolve to spend at least five minutes a day in prayer, at whatever time you find best, using the Scriptures, maybe the Gospel of the day.

3. To keep Friday as a day of penance in honour of the Lord’s Passion, intentionally serving the poor and needy.

4. At least once a fortnight, to pay a private visit to church for a short period of prayer before the Tabernacle.

5. To go to Confession once a month or so, like a spiritual check-up when you can personally experience God’s love and mercy.

6 . To join a small group for formation, prayer and fellowship, where you can share with others your own faith-experience and in turn hear what God is doing in  the lives of others.