The Messenger 24th March 2023

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Laudato Si

Laudato Si


Well done and thank you very much to the 27 Parish volunteers who have already started our walk to Bamenda, as well to the sponsors and parishioners who are praying for our success. Everyone can follow our community progress on the maps at the back of each church. These are going to be updated every Monday, so please drop your mileage slips in the boxes after any of the weekend Masses or send it via e-mail to However to be sure of actually reaching Bamenda, we need a few more walkers! Even if you can only walk a mile a day, please would you help us achieve our goal, for the benefit of CAFOD and Bamenda. Pick up a sponsorship form from the boxes under the map, or email the above address. It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t start at the beginning of Lent; every little mile helps!


As part of our commitment to be wise stewards of God’s good creation, Trinity is hosting an eco-event on Saturday 18th March between 2:00pm and 5:00pm that is open to all. We are partnering with 15 different local organisations and individuals who have a desire to play their part in protecting our planet from bug hotels to sustainable fashion to seaweed usage to connecting faith with
nature. There will be inspiring talks, family activities, a sustainable café, stalls with practical tips and ideas and more! Everyone is invited to drop in or to stay for the whole afternoon. Let us know that you are coming – go to the link