The Messenger 24th March 2023

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Befrienders - Thank You

Befrienders – Thank You

Thank you to all who contributed in so many ways to a very enjoyable afternoon at the Befrienders Tea party last Saturday. It is difficult to name everyone but special thanks to Canon Chris who prepared the beautiful service of Benediction and Michelle and Cathy who provided the musical accompaniment. Then there were those people who prepared the warm and cosy premises, and many others who gave lifts or welcomed our guests, and helped to bring and serve the scrumptious refreshments. The musical interlude, the first performance of a newly formed quartet added to the especially joyful atmosphere after so many disappointments and cancellations of the past two years. Thank you Judy for arranging this. Our guests’ enthusiasm, smiles and happy greetings on seeing old friends again was the best contribution. When a 90+ lady was asked the following day if she was tired she replied, ‘Oh No! I was uplifted’ and that makes it all worthwhile.