The Messenger 1st July 2022

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Le Platon Home - Fundraising & Marketing Leader/Volunteer

Le Platon Home – Fundraising & Marketing Leader/Volunteer

Established over 100 years ago, it is the oldest residential home in Guernsey and is now in the final stages of a significant rebuild that will dramatically increase its bed capacity (particularly to care for people with dementia).

Whilst we have been able to cover our build costs to date due to the generous support from a number of benefactors, the ongoing costs to run a large and busy home will require planning and not insignificant fundraising.

We are looking for a special volunteer to help lead, plan and execute our fundraising strategy (and hopefully build a team of motivated volunteers who will ensure the ongoing financial support needed to keep us going).

You will have experience that demonstrates an ability to deliver. And you will have the passion to make sure it is!

If you’d like to learn more about this role and about Le Platon, please contact Jurat Paul Burnard, Tel. 07781 112336.