The Messenger 26th November 2021

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Guernsey Welfare Christmas Collection

Guernsey Welfare Christmas Collection

As it is coming up to Christmas, the following items would be much appreciated as we support families this Christmas –

Christmas tubs & boxes of chocolates and biscuits; crisps, twiglets, cheeselets etc; selection boxes; stocking filler chocolates; bottles of shloer or similar; packets of stuffing mix & gravy granules, pickles & sauces; tinned ham and other meats.

Financial gifts are also welcome towards vouchers for food or heating costs. Please call 07839724300 or visit our website https:/ or contact us for our bank details or supply of our “Christmas Fuel Envelopes” A voucher for a teenager would be most welcome– vouchers from Boots, Just Games, New Look or Sports Direct. Thank you so much for your support.