The Messenger 17th September 2021

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St Mary & St Michael Primary School 

St Mary & St Michael Primary School 

As the new school year begins we welcome Miss Smillie, our new Reception teacher and 27 eager Reception children (aged 4 or 5 years).

The beginning of each school year is such a momentous time for pupils and staff (and also, anxious (or relieved!) parents) as an air of renewed excitement, anticipation and aspiration abound. Although our pupils shan’t begin school until Monday 6th September, we, as Staff, acknowledged the annual Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation during our first day back to school on 1st September. This afforded us the opportunity to pray, reflect on how we should act in order to care for God’s creation.

As our school year unfolds, the children are presented with challenges to work towards each week. Our School Values are based on our role as Stewards of the earth, and so challenges might include turning off taps or lights, recycling lunch litter as well as making time for God each day or being respectful of each other. We ask for your prayers throughout this school year for all staff, pupils and their families that we continue to be good Stewards in caring for God’s creation.