The Messenger 17th September 2021

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Music at 8:00am Mass

Music at 8:00am Mass

Andrew Warren has sadly had to retire from playing the Organ at 8:00am Mass. We thank him for his great talent! However, he will still be playing at Notre Dame. Luke stepped in to play at 8:00am Mass, but this makes his commitment on a Sunday to three separate services at St Joseph. He and his wife are expecting their first child, so he needs to have more time as a family on a Sunday. He will now play for the 10:30am Mass and at Sung Vespers at 4:30pm, which is still quite a commitment!

So, what to do with 8:00am Mass? During August we had no singing at 8:00am and half the congregation approached me saying how much they enjoyed a quiet Mass and the other half wanting the music back. So as Parish Priest I cannot win. So I offer a compromise. The Church teaches that Parts of the Mass should be sung (Holy Holy: Lamb of God: Gospel Acclamation: The Doxology and Great Amen etc) before Hymns are sung. We will be singing these Parts of the Mass in English. We will try this as a way forward with perhaps a Communion Hymn. However, it is difficult to sing unaccompanied if we don’t all join in, so we all need to do our bit. We will also have some 8:00am Masses as a quiet Mass and I will produce a schedule. Also, if there are any Piano or Organists out there who are hiding their talents – can I ask you consider offering your gifts for the good of the Parish for the 8:00am Mass. Thank you and please be assured of my continuing prayers.

God bless, Fr Chris