The Messenger 17th September 2021

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News - Notre Dame Church

News – Notre Dame Church

Thanks to the generosity of Canon Lecluze, we are now in a position to undertake some repairs and improvements at Notre Dame Church. The outside of the Church is looking particularly manky and will be repainted and all the cracks attended to. New exterior lighting is currently being installed to light your way when its dark. The lighting inside the Church is currently being changed to LED which is far cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. Extra lighting has been installed over the Sanctuary and over the Lectern. Improvements are being made to the Font area at the entrance of the Church and the Confessional will be moved to a more private area just off the Sanctuary. This will allow for extra seating where the Confessional was. The toilets will be improved with the Hall gaining a small kitchenette for tea and coffee etc. Canon Lecluze legacy is finite, so if you are feeling generous and would like to help financially with this most beautiful Church with a French history, please contact the Office.

You donations will be most welcome. Thank you.