The Messenger 11th June 2021

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Access to St Joseph's Hall & Parish Rooms / Notre Dame Church 

Access to St Joseph’s Hall & Parish Rooms / Notre Dame Church 

St Joseph’s Hall & Parish Rooms 

Security and safe guarding at Notre Dame School St. Joseph’s site is paramount. After due consideration with the Diocese and Head teacher at Notre Dame School we have concluded that the school building needs to be more secure. Therefore all Parish meetings and Teas & Coffees will take place in the Parish Room and over spill into the Youth Room. Toilets are located next to the Parish Room. St. Joseph’s Hall will still be available for one off special Parish events.

Notre Dame Church Access 

Likewise as above and following diocesan safeguarding guidelines regarding schools and a conversation with the Head Teacher, the school grounds must be secure during the week. This means no
access through the school to the church. Access to the Church on Sunday evening is permitted and new signage will convey this information. If you should need access through the school during
the weekday to carry flowers through etc, permission should be gained from the school office, and you will be walked through.