Daily Homilies

Year of St Joseph talk 2

A talk by Deacon Mark.

A prayer for workers (printable PDF)

A prayer for workers

Blessed St. Joseph, patron of all working people, obtain for us the grace to labour in a spirit of penance for the atonement of our many sins. Help us to be conscientious in our work so that we may give as full a measure as we have received.

May we labour in a spirit of thankfulness and joy; ever mindful of all the gifts we have received from God that enables us to perform these tasks. Permit us to work in peace, patience, and moderation, keeping in mind the account we must one day give of time lost, talents unused, goods omitted, and vanity of success, so fatal to the work of God. Glorious St. Joseph, may our labours be all for Jesus, all through Mary, and all after your holy example in life and in death.

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