Tony & Marian Falla are delighted with the donation to Wayaya of £200.00 from the last Wings collection.

The money, as before will be put towards the Children’s education. A sincere thank you to all for their generous giving.

Thank you Marian


How WAYAYA Was Established 

In 2002 I was working with a lady from Zambia, who became a great friend. We had many discussions about the plight of orphaned Children in her home country. I strongly felt God was telling me I could do something to help, and I had the full backing of Tony. It was decided between the 3 of us to build a house which would become a home for some Children. 2008 saw us fund raising in earnest, as Zambia was not a cheap country, however the exchange rate is moving in our favour now. 2014 the first 3 Children were welcomed into Wayaya House and were followed by two more in 2016. The aim of the Charity is to enrich the lives of these Children and hopefully more in the future by giving them the opportunity to attend School, be well fed and cared for. We are so grateful for the support we receive. If you ever feel that God is calling you to do something answer His call with a “yes”. It is daunting, not always easy, but so rewarding as He does provide.

Marian Falla Cofounder of WAYAYA

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