Bishop Philip

Lent is nigh!
Some new resources are coming – plus an appeal for your prayers.

On Wednesday week (17th February), we begin the great season of LENT – a wonderful time of 40 days when we prepare ourselves for the celebration of Easter and the Passover of the Lord from death to life. It is a time of healing when we ask God to renew within us his love. We seek by God’s grace to cast off the old ways and to take on the new, that is, to die with Christ – and to rise again with Him to new life. LENT is not simply about ‘giving things up’ or ‘doing something extra.’ St. Leo reminds us there are three works we are asked to perform: (1) self-denial, fasting and mortification; (2) prayer and devotion, study and reflection; and (3) charitable outreach or almsgiving. We don’t do these works for their own sake, even though they are good in themselves. For instance, fasting may be good for our physical health – and almsgiving is a really practical means of helping the poor. We do these works out of love for God! We do them in order to bring about change in our inner selves and spiritual lives. We do them as a penance for our sins. We do them as a prayer for God’s mercy that we may come to a deeper relationship with him.

During LENT, those who are preparing for initiation and reception into the Church will be looking forward to the Easter Vigil. Let’s assist them with our prayers and support. This year because of the pandemic, we have been unable to hold the Rite of Election. So in the next e-News I am going to release a short video with prayers, reflections and testimonies from those being received. And during the season of LENT I’ll be releasing in e-News some short video catechises about some of the symbols used in the Easter Liturgy.

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