Prudent Precautions – Coronavirus

While the nursing home have closed their doors to visitors, I think its prudent that we too take sensible precautions to protect ourselves.  I would prefer we take these steps now and be proactive.

  • Hand hygiene – please keep hands clean and use the sanitisers.
  • Please try to refrain from touching anything.
  • The Sign of Peace at Mass will be a simple bow to each other – no handshaking.
  • The Hymn books will be removed and the Church porches tidied of paper.
  • The Holy Water stoops have been emptied.
  • The doors to the churches will be open so that you do not have to touch the handles.
  • Could I ask that you receive Holy Communion in the Hand please to help stop cross infection
  • If you absolutely must receive on the tongue, may I ask that you come last to communion and kneel (if possible). The priest will have to follow a special procedure to Sanitise his hands both before and after giving communion to each person.
  • The newsletter will handed to you, to stop cross contamination
  • At the end of Mass, please don’t all rush for the doors at the same time.
  • Think and action Social distancing where ever possible while in Church.

If you are feeling unwell and are presenting the symptoms of Covid 19 please stay at home and follow the guidance issued by the States of Guernsey.

I do not wish to alarm anyone but if we take these small step now, it just may help to prevent a further lock down.

Keep safe dear friends.

Fr Christopher (Parish Priest)


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