First Holy Communion Mass – 26th Sept – 10:00am – St Joseph’s Church

Dear Friends,

Organizing this special event has not been easy this year. Indeed, there have been some necessary changes due to several factors least of all the Pandemic! Through it all there has been a lot of patience and understanding shown and I am grateful to those who have been encouraging the children and their parents in this Faith journey.

After due discussion with the Catechists, Head-teachers and Fr Nishan and due to the fact that I shall be leaving the Island on 14th September, it has been decided that there will be ONE FIRST HOLY COMMUNION MASS in St Joseph’s on the 26th September at 10:00am.

There will be plenty of time for arrangements to be made to accommodate those families which will attend the Mass and I know that it will be a worthy celebration.

If you have any questions to ask or comments to make please speak to either Helen or Mary the Head-teachers of the Schools.comm

With every Blessing,

Fr Bruce

(Parish Priest &  Catholic Dean of Guernsey)


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