Our Parish Schools

Monday 8th June marks a new significant date in our school diary; the day when we can finally fully reopen and welcome the children back into our Catholic Schools.

Although our schools have remained open for key worker children throughout lockdown, the staff have also been providing online learning for the rest of the children. This has worked very well, but we just cannot wait to have the children back in the classroom so that we can have that face to face contact with them. Like the streamed masses, this online learning has filled a gap, but can never be as powerful as the real thing.

It’s wonderful that the parish masses have restarted, but they have to be run slightly differently and so will the schools. The children will be kept in bubbles, start times will be staggered and meticulous cleaning routines have been put in place so that we are following Public Health guidelines to keep the children, staff and families safe.

We want to thank the children, staff, parents and community for all their hard work and support and we ask you to continue to pray for us all as we move into this new phase.

Mary Robertshaw – Headteacher of Notre Dame du Rosaire Catholic Primary

Helen Shepherd – Headteacher of St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary

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