From the Parish Priest

The Feast of the Holy Trinity is a joyful expression of the Love of God for us. In each Person of the Trinity we discover the abundance of God’s love as in God’s bountiful Creation; the Love made manifest in Jesus bringing us Salvation; the ongoing strength to live our lives for Him by and through the Holy Spirit. The fact that we are also caught up in this Great Mystery of Faith when we are baptised and given such a position of honour as to be incorporated into the life of the Trinity, is in itself, a great honour. I am more and more convinced that the Trinity is a Doctrinal mystery which is to be lived if we are to express it well. The virtues of our lives which imitate the attributes of the Holy Trinity is that life lived out. So, we can say that our Mission and Evangelisation is Divinely initiated by the Holy Trinity in whom we live and work and have our Being. Fr Bruce