From the Parish Priest

This Feast of SS Peter & Paul brings to the Church a tremendous sense of stability and confidence for the future. These two great Apostles started from very different backgrounds, but both endured a journey of discovery concerning themselves; both lives ended in a confident offering of themselves for their Saviour, Jesus Christ. What courage they showed not just in their martyrdom but in the willingness to allow God to gradually change them. Both Peter and Paul established and encouraged Christian Communities to share the Gospel and bring others to Jesus. THEY ENSURED THAT THOSE COMMUNITIES WOULD BE ABLE TO CONTINUE WITHOUT THEM. Their offering is an inspiration for us as we offer ourselves in the service of Jesus. However, there is a problem in responding to their example in that there appears to be no easy way to join Ministries in Parish life. Quite often there is no contact between groups and organizations with the everyday life of the Parish or clear ways in which people might join them. The good news is that our Parish Evangelisation Committee will be exploring ways in which bridges might be built to allow groups to share their needs and for the parish to support them. We must like the Apostles Peter and Paul be able and willing to hand on our work to others to carry it forward and ensure the Catholic Christian Community thrives on this Island.  Fr Bruce