From Father Nishan

For many of us, this Sunday Mass will be the first we have attended in the church physically after three months of Lock down. We have been watching Mass over the internet and participating virtually. We know that it was not the same as attending the Mass physically and spiritually and this is especially true concerning receiving of Holy Communion. However, it was good time to reflect on our creation, re-creation. Like being in the Garden of Eden we can enjoy a new beginning. We know that the scenario of the initial perfection of humankind was spoilt when Eve disobeyed God and listened to the serpent. She wanted to become God by eating the forbidden fruit from the tree. Her pride made her to fall into sin. However, Mary the second Eve, obeyed God’s word and gave us to eat the fruit, which is the Body of Christ. He is the fruit on the TREE OF THE CROSS through which we can possess eternal life and which we may eat freely. While we were in lock down, we asked to watch online Masses and participate virtually. Now, some of us might think, why not stay at home and watch online. Now you have the opportunity to come to Mass therefore, you should come and gather as a community and receive Holy Communion except sick and housebound of course. Reflect on that: If God comes to you and asks the same question as he said to Adam and Eve, “Where are you?” What will you do? Fr Nishan