Abortion Law

It will seem very disappointing to many that in the preparations for the vote to amend the Abortion Law in Guernsey the Sursis Motive was defeated by one vote. Do not lose heart. “The Wisdom of God is greater than the folly of humankind!” The consequence of Free Will is that we are all given a choice to follow what God wants or to turn away from Him. The part that we humans often forget is that God still goes on loving sinners despite what they have done; he loves without prejudice. That doesn’t mean that we simply sit back and accept the situation. What we can do, is to present always the message of God, in Christ and through his Church offer all people a choice for good, a message of hope and create options for good choices to be made. The legal battle may well be against the Good at any one time but a pathway of care can always be built for people to walk along. We know that we have good foundations on which to build in Christ our Lord.

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