Weekly Thought – Fr Nishan

God creates the world again. I spoke to one of my friends last week. He shared with me a conversation he had with one of his children about the creator God and the world. He told me that his eldest son was explaining to his sister about the Creator and Creation and in particular how man manipulates Creation; why people are so different and why the world so very diverse? His son told his sister, “Sister, for instance a dad makes a beautiful statue and hands it over to his little baby to keep it. What would the baby do with the statue? Would you think the little baby would keep it safe? No, the baby will play with it, throw the statue on the floor, turn the statue dirty, paint will go off and sometimes, in the end, the baby might break the statue. You won’t see the original statue anymore. He ended saying, “In the similar way, God created a beautiful world and gave it to us, His ‘babies,’ but we did the same as the baby had done with the beautiful statue”. This shared story took me to the Genesis creation story. Genesis 1;28 says, God would like to give us the beautiful world again and to draw our attention to the day when instead of throwing out the gift we treasure it and each other. All life is precious and to be respected. Creation contains everything necessary to sustain life. Fr Nishan