From the Parish Priest

This is an important weekend in the life of Guernsey as it celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Island. There are still many people who remember that awful day when the children were evacuated and a little while later the German occupying army arrived. It is hard to imagine what life must have been like during those long years of occupation and yet despite the hardships of hunger, the threat of imprisonment, exile, and execution, people survived. To them the sense of freedom when it came must have been overwhelming; a mixture of tears and joy. Yet, after the Liberation, order had to be restored and a new way of life established.

The present drama of the Pandemic, although severe, cannot have the same impact as the occupation BUT what it has done is make us question again what sort of life do we want for the future for ourselves and society as a whole. As I contrast life before the Pandemic with today, I can see emerging a different sense of values and respect for life which wasn’t so obvious before; a respect for oneself and the sacredness of creation. Perhaps the occupation of sin and the sense of abandonment has been Liberated in part by our present occupation. Let us pray that the God of Freedom may set us free through the Gospel message of his Son. Fr Bruce