Abortion Law for Guernsey

You will be aware that there is an attempt to change the Abortion Law, or as it has been called “Modernise” the Abortion Law to be in keeping with Legislation in England. The debate by the State is booked for the middle of June – YES AS SOON AS THAT!

We are organizing a campaign called “Both lives matter” and we shall need as many supporters as possible.
You will find below a form asking for your name and contact details so that we can keep you informed of what is happening.

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This proposed legislation impacts not just upon the Mother and child but also has a legal implication for those who wish to withdraw or disassociate themselves from the medical procedure in Hospitals and clinics. (If you have medical or legal expertise this would be extremely helpful to the cause). It could allow abortion right up to birth in some circumstances, affecting for example, whether a Downs Syndrome baby’s life could be terminated up to full term. What is most important is that WE ALL start to mobilise our Faith and Practice to ensure the sanctity and dignity of human life.

We need to have a core of people who can assist those at the front line in what will inevitably involve media coverage and planned campaigning. I assure you that we shall NOT be standing alone as a Christian Community on the Island. Others will be supporting the defeat of the proposed Legislation. Please join us and sign up to be part of this movement for life.

The present time is certainly not the best time for a serious public debate concerning the change to the Abortion Law. We have all been through the trauma of the Pandemic and there will be many who are recovering from its social and emotional effects. There can be no merit in pushing the legislation through at such a time.

Please write to a Deputy and any others to whom you feel you can Register an Official objection. This is urgent.
Before I end this Appeal to you, I am also minded that we have a responsibility to the emotional welfare of those who are tempted to abort their Children. The Mothers of these children need our special care and attention and it will be important to arrange information and, who knows, even the facility whereby a person can receive the help and rehabilitation they need.

Please download a form from the website or collect from the back of St Joseph’s Church.

Fr Bruce.

Download the form