PEC Meeting Minutes – 27th April 2020

Minutes of Parish Evangelisation Council meeting on 27th April 2020

Present: Fr Bruce, Fr Nishan, Deacon Mark, Paul Burnard, Tom Saddington, Owen Lee, Andrew Warren, Maria O’Brien, Mary Robertshaw, William Woodall, Cleo Brierley, Greg Harvey, David Merrien

Opening prayer was led by Deacon Mark

The minutes from the previous meeting on 20th February were approved. The proposed meeting on 31st March was cancelled due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Matters arising from the previous meeting:

Change in the time and venue of the Thursday Mass from 7.30 a.m. at Le Platon to 6.30 p.m. at Delancey: Fr Bruce Reported that this had taken place and that attendance was circa  25 persons compared to a previous 6.

The leaflets describing the various ministries in the Church have been completed except for a re-editing of the ministry of catechist for Confirmation and first holy Communion. These will be re-edited by Fr Bruce and Tom. This item was now considered closed.

The mission statement will be considered at the next meeting.

Parish priest report:

Fr Bruce said that he had received some interesting thoughts from Greg which will be shared at the meeting.

It was encouraging to hear that many of the groups and organizations in the parish were keeping in touch with their members. This was to be encouraged and Fr Bruce had received from the Parish Secretary a list of the elderly and vulnerable who could be contacted by telephone.

It was noted that the streaming of the Mass had met with good comments. Fr Bruce expressed his thanks to those who had made this streaming possible particularly Tom. It was also encouraging to note that Catechesis was taking place online for Confirmation candidates.

Fr Rob has left the Parish to take up the post of a chaplain to Portsmouth Hospitals. When possible he will return for an official farewell.

The number of weekend masses will need to be considered and adjusted to reflect the lack of priests available. This might just be for an interim period as there is a possibility for an extra priest to join in September. This will be thought about and discussed at the next meeting.

Laudato si group:

A new local group is being established to raise awareness for climate change and environmental protection. Methods to change how the parish operates will be discussed to increase sustainability and will be working with Notre Dame school.

Live streaming mass:

It has been requested to buy extra cameras and SIM cards to live stream masses at other churches. This matter will be brought to the finance committee. It was agreed to introduce a service where anyone from the community especially the sick and housebound could listen to the homilies via telephone.

Evangelisation ideas during the coronavirus pandemic: 

The following ideas were discussed

1) A team of people making care calls to everyone in parish

2) Identify financial needs in the parish

3) Reach out to people outside the church community

4) Implement a strategy for the first few weeks or months after the coronavirus lock down ends by being proactive in hospitality for people coming to church for the first time

5) Organise discussions with other faiths. Advertise a service of thanksgiving to include other faiths after lock down

The PEC will consider how to put these ideas into practice and another discussion will be held at the next meeting.

Any other business:

Fr Bruce has met with the heads of other churches in Guernsey including John Ogier from Spurgeon Baptist Church. There is a lot of support against the proposed change in legislation but the Anglican churches are divided on this issue.

Fr Bruce will introduce an online course on the church website covering topics such as bible studies and catholic teachings.

The next meeting will be on 11th May at 6:30pm

Closing prayer was led by Deacon Mark

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