From the Parish Priest

The sanctity and regard for human life has been brought to our attention in a dramatic way. The Covid – 19 virus has affected the lives of many people to the extent that we have had time to think about our lives and our mortality. We cannot forget, however, that there was a life before the virus and that there was also an attack on human life but from a different direction. In this case it was the proposed amendment to the Abortion Law of Guernsey to extend Abortion to 24 weeks. I was appalled to read an article in the Guernsey Press which was calling the Amendment a “modernisation” of the Law. How sickening to use this word in connection with the deaths of so many children. If this is modernisation (and we should not forget that not everything which is called modern is of benefit to the human race) then humanity should hang its head in shame. We are at an important cross road concerning human life. There opens up a fatal path which sees humanity as utilitarian and of nothing special by creation or destiny. On the other route there is a clear path. As we are told in the tradition of St Peter, who tried to leave Rome, we are asked by Jesus, Quo Vadis? Like Peter may we have the courage to turn to Rome and face the consequences but with the knowledge that therein lies a firm basis for our Belief and practice. Fr Bruce

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