From the Parish Priest

The Lord has Risen and appeared to Mary Magdalen. This encounter is so inspiring and we as an Easter People, could well meditate upon the implications of this meeting between Mary and Jesus. It is the inquisitive Mary who approaches the tomb this 1st Easter morning. She comes with all her fears and concerns. Perhaps this is why she had difficulty recognizing Jesus in her preoccupation with her thoughts. Jesus calls Mary by name as he calls each one of us and from that moment she believes. She does not stay still but goes off in the first act of Evangelisation and tells the other disciples what she has seen. The experience was at first highly personal. Jesus speaks directly to each individual to believe. Once we believe then we can achieve anything which he calls us to do. Indeed, there is an imperative to “go out into the whole world and proclaim the good news.” God can speak to us even through the media so please carry on making time for God in watching the streamed Masses and Services in your own home.

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