From the Parish Priest

This weekend we begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday; the triumphal procession of Jesus into Jerusalem. We know that we are far from Jerusalem and the events which led to the death and resurrection of Jesus, BUT we can join in heart and mind, as we do every Holy Week, with these events by following the Masses and Services streamed for us from either the Convent or St Joseph’s Church.

The times of these Services are listed on this website and I recommend that you create a prayer space or Liturgical Area where these Liturgies can be celebrated. Why not place on a table near the TV screen on which you can arrange symbols of the particular Day.

Fresh greenery is a good symbol for Palm Sunday. A jug of water and a bowl or a glass of wine and some bread for Holy Thursday. A Cross which can be Venerated on Good Friday. Why not get the children involved in decorating this area?

Fr Nishan and I will try to make it a special Holy Week – one which I know we shall all never forget! Fr Bruce


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