This strange word, STEWARDSHIP, asks us to consider what we do with our time, talents and treasure in relation to our Commitment to our Church and Parish Community. In our Parish we are truly blessed that we have so many people working in various groups which reach out to the local Community as well as supporting, spiritually, the Mission of the Church.

However, the area which we need to look at from time to time is our Treasure and how we make this offering for the work of the church. It is not an easy subject to raise but I know that you will agree with me that everyday housekeeping and the upkeep of such a large Parish does take a lot of money and it is essential that we budget for these needs. Just placing a random amount in the collecting plate is not the best way to budget.

The most effective way in which we can budget is for people to take out a Standing Order for the Church which is realistically reckoned in relation to our overall income. We have so many things to thank God for and this is a way we can do this. (Those who are already on Standing orders need to re-visit them to see of they have been in- creased in accordance with inflation).

Our weekly or monthly offerings are an essential part of the Mission of the church because it goes beyond housekeeping and also sup- ports the many projects and organizations which bring the Catholic Faith to others.

During this present difficulty there will be little means to offer your donation of the weekly collection. So, perhaps, now is a good time to consider taking out a Banker’s Order to safeguard the vital in- come necessary to support the work and running of the Parish. You can obtain a Standing Order form on line from our Parish Website or email the Parish Office and our parish Secretaries are more than willing to help you with any further inquiries.

May I thank you for your present kindness and generosity as I know that many people are already giving what they can. If you cannot give in this way then whatever offering you make is welcomed and we are grateful for that. There will be an opportunity to follow this theme forward after the present crisis is over. With every good wish. Fr Bruce