From the Parish Priest

My dear people these are extraordinary times. Many of you will be feeling concerned for Family and friends near and far. If you live on your own it is vital that you have someone to contact should the need arise; no one left to ‘fend for themselves.’ Our spiritual needs are also important and I want you to know that the clergy of the Parish are praying for you all and offering many Masses for your needs and Intentions. I am indebted to all those who have worked so

hard to maintain the Mass and run the Parish while I was cut off in England. THANK YOU!
So that we can share in the Mass, as our special prayer of the Catholic Church, we can join together at certain times during the week and on Sundays when the Mass will be streamed. We shall also be recording Stations of the Cross on a Friday at 7pm and there will be Rosary and Adoration as focal points for prayer. Please remember that there are now ample opportunities to say the Office of the Church and Family prayers at home with all gathered at a certain time to watch Mass or say the Rosary together.