Abortion in Guernsey Meeting – 11th March – 6:00pm – Performing Arts Centre

Abortion in Guernsey – Important Meeting 11th March at 6:00pm

As many of you will be aware the States are proposing to amend the abortion law in Guernsey. If successful abortion will be carried out up to 24 weeks into a pregnancy, the age at which a foetus is considered viable and which at present has a 39% survival rate if born prematurely. Health workers will also have their right of conscientious objection removed. It is vital that we write to our deputies to make our views strongly known. A meeting is being held at the Performing Arts Centre this Wednesday at 6:00pm where the proposals will be discussed by local and visiting members of the medical profession. Do make every effort to attend.

The date, time and place are all on this link:–Social-Care-publishes-proposals-for-the-Modernisation-of-the-Abortion-Guernsey-Law-1997


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