PEC Meeting Minutes – 21st January 2020

Minutes of PEC meeting 21st January 2020 at 6:30pm

Present: Fr Bruce, Fr Rob, Fr Nishan, Deacon Mark, Owen Lee, David Merrien, Cleo Brierley
Apologies: Sister de Lourdes, Pat Devenport, Paul Burnard, William Woodall

Opening prayer led by Fr Bruce

The minutes from the previous meeting on 5th November 2019 were approved.

Matters arising:
Christmas cards: Owen Lee informed the PEC that the christmas cards were well received but more promotion could be done for Easter and next Christmas.
Prayer cards: It was decided to investigate if the prayer cards could be supplied at a more reasonable price
Mission statement: It was decided to get inspiration for a mission statement from other churches in the parish which will be discussed at the next meeting.
Welcome pack: It was discussed to have a leaflet that could be distributed to the congregation upon arrival to mass.
Church website: Fr Bruce informed PEC that a new website was in development but people would be needed to maintain it and keep it up to date.
Livestreaming masses: The intention is to allow sick and housebound to feel part of the mass but it could also be used to livestream into the parish room to accommodate more people during busy masses at Christmas and Easter. It was decided to discuss this at the next meeting.

Parish priest report:
Fr Bruce was impressed by the turnout of the congregation during Christmas and wished to thank everyone who helped contribute. Various ways of spreading awareness of the Year of the Word were discussed which included asking schools and other groups to create posters and signs that could be
displayed in the porch. It was agreed that a teacher or representative of the catholic schools should join the PEC to help with matters like this.
A letter from Meg White was read regarding a lack of confession services and the challenges with the creation and promotion of parish groups. It was discussed that more times should be made available for confessions particularly Friday evenings and Saturdays and to make it clear that confessions can be done on request or by appointment with any priest. It felt necessary to clarify that anyone is permitted to create groups which could be promoted in the end of mass notices.

Health and safety was discussed such as improving the lighting at St. Joseph’s church, appointing fire marshals, providing first aid training to members of the congregation, fire evacuation drills and appointing Andrew Warren as Health and Safety Officer.

A template of the new parish newsletter was tabled. Discussions would be held with the finance committee before printing.

Fr Bruce informed PEC that cheaper, recyclable candles are available from a new supplier.

The notice boards should be monitored more closely to remove out of date notices.

It was decided that future PEC meetings should be held at the other churches.

The next meeting will be Thursday 20th February at 6:30pm at Delancey

The closing prayer was led by Fr Nishan

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