MISSIO. I am pleased to report that finally the magazines and prayer cards arrived and a few days later the Calendars for 2020. The latter are particularly good and include the “Pope’s Intentions” for each month.

I requested that Missio boxes be handed in on 6th October and since then I have received 43 boxes with a total of £1,490.08. This is brilliant. Thank you all so much for your generous support. This sum was collected from all three parishes.

I estimate that 250 boxes have been handed out over the years but in the last couple of years I have seen only 136 back. It is not necessary to fill your box to bursting point so please feel free to let me have your boxes so that I can get the money out to the Missions where it does so much good. Please ensure that your name and contact details are on the base of the box and leave them either with the “Welcomers” or with a priest in the Sacristy.

Thank you again for all your generosity. Richard


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