Climate Change – Our Parish Response to the Pope’s call

In 2015 in ‘Laudato si’, Pope Francis sent a message to ‘all people of good will’ to respond to the urgent need to redress the harm humanity is causing to the environment. This message was addressed to each of us.

Further to last autumns sessions a new video ‘Global Caring’ will be shown on Tuesday 5th Nov at 2:00pm in Delancey’s upper room and repeated on Wednesday 6th Nov at 7:00pm in St Josephs Parish Room.

There will also be time for discussion. Following from this, it is proposed that a parish group be formed to expand/develop the response of our parish and become a focal point for the sharing of ideas, information, and advice.

PLEASE come along to the session for it’s own sake without pressure to become further involved.  Thanks.

Further info:- Greg Harvey – Tel: 07781 110471 / E-mail:


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