Climate Action – responding to ‘Laudato si’

The abundance of life on earth has fallen by more than half in the last 40 years (WWF 2015). Should we reflect on that for a moment?

‘Laudato si’ (the Pope’s 2015 letter to all people of the world) demands a rethink of Catholicism’s attitude to the earth and all of creation we share this small planet with. “It is not enough to think of different species merely as ‘resources’ to be exploited, while overlooking that they have value in themselves…each year sees the disappearance of thousands of plants and animal species which we will never know, which our children will never see…the great majority extinct for reasons related to human activity. We have no such right! Each area is responsible for the care of this family”.

This is OUR responsibility in our ‘area’. 

¨ Should we undertake an environmental and energy use audit of our church properties? (and all churches in Guernsey?)

¨ Install bat and bird boxes, insect ‘hotels’, pollinator friendly plants on our land, solar panels (could panels on our churches power our adjacent schools…what a lesson for our children?), etc

¨ Cut out all use of single use plastics at all parish events?

¨ Is our parish a beacon of right-relationship with nature – answering the command to ‘love thy neighbor’ – so that all around have a glimpse of what it looks like to love the Earth?

Most are very easy and free or inexpensive steps!

Pope Francis’ concluding prayer:

“Teach us to discover the worth of each thing, to be filled with awe and contemplation, to recognise we are profoundly united with every creature as we journey towards Your ultimate light”. 

Amen to that!

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