Notre Dame Relic – Canon Maurice Lecluze – 70th Anniversary

A zuchetta which once belonged to Pope John Paul II is now on display at Notre Dame du Rosaire Church. The zuchetta was given to Canon Maurice Lecluze by the Pope in June 1989 when he made a personal pilgrimage to Rome to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his ordination. Following Canon Lecluze’s death in 2003, his niece Liliane inherited the zuchetta. In 2017 she gifted it to Pat Devenport who is a close family friend. Pat felt that the rightful place for it was Notre Dame Church and so gifted it to the parish. A big thank you to Larry Malcic who designed the display cabinet, arranged the items to be displayed and organised the making of the cabinet. The display was blessed by Canon Michael following mass on Saturday. It was a very significant day for this to take place as Canon Lecluze was ordained on 29th June 1949 and therefore it would have been the 70th anniversary of his ordination.

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