Environmental Action Laudato si

Pope Francis’ encyclical ‘Laudato si’ is named after the opening words – ‘Praise be’  – of St Francis’ beautiful song which describes our world like a beautiful mother who sustains and governs us – a mother now crying out because of the harm we have inflicted on her. The Pope addressed it to’ all people of good will’ you, me, our neighbors, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, those of faiths and those of none. Over the coming months extracts, related topics, tips, etc will be presented in the Link – but don’t wait for those – read, listen, research for yourself, talk to family, friends, parishioners, work colleagues, and take whatever action you can to reduce your impact on our struggling environment.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. 

(Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef)


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